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Pass on Your Knowledge Oh Wise Sage

This is a continuation of “The Legendary Dad Manifesto” series where I outline the tenets of what defines a legendary dad.  If you haven’t already, read part one on Physical Prowess and part two Crazy in Love then come back and read part three.

Oh Wise Sage

A legendary dad should dispense practical, timeless wisdom that will ensure his kids crush everything the world tries to throw at them

There are many things our kids will need to learn as they grow up. Basic things such as how to dress themselves, using cutlery, acceptable behavior, general knowledge and a bunch of other stuff.  Most of this will be up to us to teach.

Others will be involved in teaching our kids as well.  Education come to mind here. They’ll teach our kids reading, writing, maths, science and history to name a few of the subjects that will be covered. All of these will tick the box for an ‘educated’ person.

There are however some bigger principles to life.  Principles that we will need to impart because no-one else will.  Principles that will turn our ‘educated’ kids into world crushers!

As a father you need to be thinking on these things. It is not enough to raise an ‘educated’ child. You want to raise a legend!

If we don’t take this task seriously they will be like lambs to the slaughter.  Pushed from pillar to post by everything the world throws at them. Or perhaps just as bad they will settle for being average, accepting their lot in life and eking out a mundane existence.

Agreed! What Now?

It’s easy to get all psyched up. Let’s pump the brakes a little and back up a bit. Do you have any practical, timeless wisdom to impart? If yes, great!  Get at it tiger!  If the answer is no, well you have a bit of homework to do. Remember you want to pass on wisdom so your kids can be world crushers.

So where do you get this wisdom from? Great question! Here are some ideas to help you on your wisdom gathering journey.

  1. Reflective hindsight. Think back over your life and the tough lessons you have learned. How could you have avoided these lessons?  In hindsight would you even wanted to have avoided them? How could you have handled them better?  What helped/hindered your decision making processes? Now turn these into principles for your kids.
  2. Be an avid learner. You should be consuming books and anything else you can get your hands on to increase your sphere of understanding. This will open your mind to new ideas and different thought patterns. Ponder the ideas and find those that challenge you.  Then pass them onto your kids.
  3. Ask others. Make use of the wisdom the older generation has. Ask them questions about the lessons they have learned in life. They grew up during a different era so can provide a different perspective on life. History has a habit of repeating itself and you might get a heads up if you pay enough attention.
  4. Take risks. You aren’t going to gain any wisdom in life if all you’ve ever done is play it safe. Taking risks can result in great successes or just as likely, humiliating failures.  There are lessons to be learned from both.  Successes inspire and failure bring caution.  Either way your children will learn from a bona-fide “been there, done that” Dad. Don’t be the Dad who says, “I once knew a guy”.
  5. Inspect famous religious figures. Have a look at the teachings of noted religious figures such as Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Confucius or the Dalia Lama. One cannot deny the wisdom of these men.  Most of the ‘self help’ books nowadays have basically ripped of these mens teachings. As usual take what you like, discard the rest and leave the flame wars out of the comments.

This is not easy homework! This requires some serious time, study and thought. But it will be worth it! You’ll be ahead of 95% of the other Dads out there which means your kids will be ahead of 95% of the other kids out there too.

Some Ideas

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices going.  These are fairly generic terms and you’d obviously want to explain them in such a way as to be interesting, meaningful and looking at the bigger picture.  The key I believe is to incorporate these principles into everyday life and not have them be these ‘quasi-philosophical’ goals.

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Consequences
  • Compassion
  • Take considered risks
  • Self confidence/belief
  • Forgiveness
  • Respect
  • Persistence
  • Justice
  • Patience
  • Faithfulness
  • Self control

Your Turn

It’s over to you now.  Your list may be longer. It could be shorter. It doesn’t matter. So long as the list is full of principles that you have tested and firmly believe in; because then you will now your list will truly help your kids be world crushers.

Leave a comment below on a principle you feel is vital to help your kids be world crushers!