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How Fit and Strong Are You? Get some Physical Prowess!

One of the things that stops us from being legendary is we haven’t defined what will establish us as legendary dads. It’s all too airy fairy so we continue being good dads rather than legendary dads, all the while knowing our kids deserve better.

Well no more! I’m going to list what I believe will define you as a legendary dad! I’ve dubbed this the “Legendary Dad Manifesto”.  I will be revealing these tenents over the next month so keep your eyes peeled.  On with part one!

Physical Prowess

A legendary dad should be the master of his body. He should never allow his lack of physical prowess to hinder his playing with his kids or stop him from being able to protect and rescue his family.

This means you should be fit and strong. No posers here who look the part but couldn’t run around the block.  Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, can run forever but can’t beat a prepubescent girl in an arm wrestle.  We are after real life fitness and strength.

Our Benchmark

Here are the exercises and our benchmarks. These are all body weight exercises and each one needs to be performed nonstop.  The benchmark is only passed when you can perform all four in a row without a rest.

  • Regular Dad: 50 squats, 10 chinups, 25 pushups, run 1 mile in under 10 minutes (pdf)
  • Great Dad: 100 squats, 25 chinups, 50 pushups, run 2 miles in under 18 minutes (pdf)
  • Legendary Dad: 200 squats, 50 chinups, 100 pushups, run 3 miles in under 24 minutes (pdf)

If you find the Regular Dad benchmark a struggle rather than doing all of the reps at once do them in sets.  So rather than doing 50 squats at once do two sets of 25.  That’s still too hard? OK… do three sets of 16.  If you need to do the same for the chinups, pushups and running. Within a couple of weeks you’ll find you can reduce the number of sets and increase the number of reps.  The key is to do something.

The Exercises

It’s hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t know how to do the above exercises but just in case here are a couple of images to help jog your memory.  I figure running is pretty self explanatory so doesn’t need an image!


Help With Chinups

Of all the exercises above chinups are the hardest for me and I imagine they are for you too.  Here is a program I have used to increase my maximum chinup reps. For each week do the workout three times.

Week 1: 10 sets by 1 rep
Week 2: 9 sets by 2 reps
Week 3: 8 sets by 3 reps
Week 4: 7 sets by 4 reps
Week 5: 6 sets by 5 reps
Week 6: 5 sets by 6 reps
Week 7: 4 sets by 8 reps
Week 8: 3 sets by 10 reps
Week 9: 2 sets by 15 reps
Week 10: 1 set by 25 reps

By about week six you’ll most likely find you can easily do 15 reps in one set. After this point we start increasing the reps by greater amounts each week.  If you find you hit a plateau simply drop back two weeks and continue from there.  If you are finding it too easy jump forward two weeks.

You can see there is a definite progression to this plan.  If need be adjust it or even better yet, come up with your own progression!

Where Do You Rank?

Remember these benchmarks are not here to make you feel good about yourself.  They are hear to push you! So if you can’t even reach Regular Dad status don’t whinge and complain.  Get off your backside and start getting some Physical Prowess! 

Leave a comment below letting me know which benchmark you have passed so I can give you a virtual slap on the back for encouragement!