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So You Dropped the Ball? Make Sure You do This!

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Last week the deadline was fast approaching and I didn’t know what I was going to talk about. Plus I had a busy weekend ahead, our bathroom renovation was in full swing and I had a bunch of church commitments.

So what did I do? I dropped the ball.

Dropping the ball is when you fail to do what you had planned to do. An example of this was last week’s newsletter. Oh wait… There was no newsletter last week! That’s because I dropped the ball.

These things happen in life. As a dad there are going to be plenty of times when you drop the ball. It could be missing a key sporting event, a dancing recital, that special time you were going to spend with your wife, an overnight camp out. Whatever it is, you are going to disappoint someone and in the end let yourself down.

But that’s life! Things don’t always go to plan. You have some wins, you have some setbacks and you hope that the wins outnumber the setbacks.

That’s fine as far as it goes but I’ve started to realize that to become legendary there is a deeper level of awareness that needs to occur. Every instance of dropping the ball is an opportunity.

Be honest: Don’t make up some lame excuse. Sit the person down and tell them the truth, even if it is painful. Honesty is an important life principle that our kids need to learn. They will learn it best through how you model it. Kids can see right through our lame excuses. I’ve spoken on this topic briefly before:
Four Timeless Principles You Must Teach Your Kids.

Teaching opportunity: Analyse the reason for dropping the ball and use it as a teaching moment. Go a little deeper and talk with your child about what you could have done so you didn’t drop the ball. Talk about the ramifications and how it makes those affected feel. How do they feel being let down? How do I feel letting them down?

Stay the course: There can be a temptation, once the ball is dropped, to only pick it up again slowly. Once bitten, twice shy as the old saying goes. That’s not the path of a legendary dad! Life is about small wins repeated over and over. Most people vastly overestimate what they can achieve in 6 months to 1 year and greatly underestimate what they can achieve in 5-10 years of consistency. Stay the course… be consistent.

Awaken the giant: Inside all of us there is a giant waiting to be awoken. A giant that wants to rage war on our behalf, so we can realize our full potential. Unfortunately most of us listen to the timid voices of doubt and insecurity. Slay these timid voices of doubt and insecurity! Rip up the seeds they have planted in your mind! There is greatness within you! Don’t listen to the timid voices inside that would keep you small.

Now you don’t have to do any of the above. Ignore it. Laugh it off as too deep… but do so at your own peril. Becoming a legendary dad doesn’t happen by doing what you have always done. It happens through deliberate consideration and action taking on our behalf.

Leave a message below on what epic ways you’ve turned a “dropping the ball” incident into a win.

  • Richard Sidwell, PhD

    Nice post Kestrel. I just wrote something along a similar vein. Mine’s more about that moment when you realize you’re about to drop the ball, and what to do instead. Check it out here, and I hope it adds to the discussion.

    • Legendary Dad

      Actually that’s a great point Richard. Prevention is the best cure.

      You’ve achieved a heightened state of self-awareness when you can sense you are about to drop the ball and you take action to prevent it.

      Read your post, like always it was good.