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Hi, I’m Deckart.

My youngest son and I

I’m a keen software developer, sometimes musician, Christ follower, husband and father of three.

Like me, I believe you want to be a legendary dad. The problem is we don’t attack this task with the vigor required to turn lofty dreams into present day realities.  This is for a number of reasons:

  • We don’t take the time to think of the bigger picture
  • We haven’t defined what will make us a legendary dad
  • We don’t have a plan of attack
  • We lack ideas to make this all happen

I don’t have all the answers but my aim is to blow away these excuses, provide practical inspiring advice and encourage the heck out of you so you can, “Be a legend, to raise a legend!”


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A Little About Me

I’m an aspiring legendary dad with three kids (2 boys and a girl) aged six, four and two (the youngest is on my shoulders in the picture above). I have a beautiful wife, great parents and a twin brother.  I live in sunny Australia which is the best country in the world!